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Rostraver Woman's Club




The name of this organization shall be "GFWC Rostraver Woman's Club".



The objective of this organization shall be to unite women for the purpose of promoting their common interest in educational, cultural, philanthropic, community and governmental affairs.



Section 1

The qualifications for membership in this organization shall be: 

Sympathy with the objective of the organization and the willingness to work toward its accomplishments.

Section 2

This organization shall have an active unlimited membership.

Section 3

A woman above the age of eighteen shall be eligible for membership in the organization, provided she has attended a meeting prior to the reading of her application.

Section 4

Any member may propose or endorse candidates for membership.  In either case, however, the member must be acquainted with the applicant.

Section 5

Application for membership shall be presented to the Membership Chairman on an official blank.  The application shall bear the signature of the applicant and two members.

Section 6

If the candidate is approved by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Board, the name shall be presented to the Club and voted on by ballot at a regular business meeting.  A majority vote of the active members present shall be required for election.  Upon favorable vote, the candidate shall be notified of her election and shall be initiated at a subsequent meeting.

Section 7

Any member dropped from the roll for nonpayment of dues may be reinstated in accordance with Article II Section 5 and 6 upon payment of her past indebtedness tot eh organization as shown in the records of the Treasurer.  However, if a member shall be dropped twice from the roll for nonpayment of dues, she shall be barred from future membership.

Section 8

Any resignation should be presented in writing to the Secretary.  No member can honorably resign while she is in arrears for dues or owes any other monies to the organization.



Section 1

The annual dues shall be set by the Executive Board and the amount stated in the current Standing Rules.  A portion shall be paid annually to the state, general, and county federations as membership dues.

Section 2

Dues are due and payable at the September meeting.  If dues are not paid by the November meeting, the Treasurer shall inform the member.  Dues for members joining after January 1 will be one-half of the annual dues payable immediately.



Section 1

The officers of the club shall consist of a President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Section 2

Officers shall be elected by ballot for the term of two years or until their successors are elected.  They will assume their duties upon their installation.

Section 3

The nominating committee shall be composed of four members nominated from the floor and chosen by secret ballot at the regular business meeting in March.  The Second Vice-President will be chairman of the nominating committee.  The Committee will present its slate of a maximum of 4 candidates for each office to be filled at the April meeting and the election will take place in May.

Section 4

No member shall hold more than one elected office at a time.  No officer shall serve more than one consecutive term in the office to which she has been elected or appointed.  A member shall not be eligible to office who has not been a member of the organization for twelve months.




It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all stated meetings of the club and the Executive Board.  She shall appoint a chairman of all Standing Committees and Departments, subject to the ratification of the board, and shall be a member ex-officio, of all committees, except the nominating committee.  She shall have general supervision and direction of affairs and shall perform such duties as usually pertain to the office and as are specified in these by-laws.

She shall serve as a member of the finance committee whose duty it will be to prepare the annual budget.  She shall appoint an auditing committee of three members at the May meeting to audit the accounts of the Treasurer and give its report at the September meeting.  She shall serve as delegate to all State and County meetings.  She shall succeed to the office of Second Vice-President.  She shall present 2 copies of a written report of her year's work at the annual business meeting, one to be filed with the club and one for her successor.


In the absence of the President it shall be the duty of the First Vice-President and the Second Vice-President, in that order, to perform the duties of the President.  The first Vice-President and the Second Vice-President shall also serve as members of the finance committee.  The First Vice-President shall be chairman of the Program Committee and alternate to all State and County meetings.  She shall advance to the office of President.  The Second Vice-President shall be the Club Parliamentarian and Chairman of the Nominating Committee and Chairman of the By-Laws Committee.  Both the First and Second Vice-Presidents will present 2 copies of a written report of their year's work at the annual business meeting in May, one to be field with the club and one for their successor's files.


The Secretary shall keep the correct minutes of all meetings of the club and of the Executive Board.  She shall keep an accurate list of all members and a record of their attendance.  In case of absence, her duties shall be performed by a person appointed by the President.  She shall sign all orders drawn upon the Treasury.  The secretary shall also notify applicants for membership of their election, send notices and invitations, and in general, conduct the correspondence of the club.  She shall presnet 2 copies of a written report of her year's work at the annual business meeting in May, one to be filed with the club and the other to be filed in her successor's file.


It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to collect all dues and receive all monies and deposit them in the name of the club in a depository approved by the Executive Board.  She shall pay all bills approved by the Board, keep an account of all receipts and expenditures and report at any meeting upon the request of the President.  She shall give or send receipts to each member upon payment of club dues.  She shall report an accurate list of members at the close of the club year.  She shall also serve as Chairman of the Finance Committee.  The Treasurer will inform any member who has not paid her dues by the November meeting that her dues are payable immediately.  If at that time the dues are not paid, the member may be dropped from the membership roles.  The financial records will be audited once a club year as stated under Article VI, under Duties of the President.  She shall present 2 copies of a written report of her year's work at the annual business meeting in May, one to be filed with the club and the other to be files in her successor's file.



Section 1

The Executive Board shall consist of the officers of the club, together with the Chairmen of the Sanding Committees.  It shall meet at the call of the President with a minimum of 3 meetings annually.

Section 2

A majority of its membership shall constitute a quorum for transaction of business.



Section 1

The regular business meetings of the club shall be held at a time specified in the Standing Rules, the first Wednesday of each month from September through June, except that the January meeting will be held the second Wednesday of the month.  Meeting times and places may be changed at the discretion of the President and Board.

Section 2

The annual business meeting in May will be a closed meeting and no guest will be permitted.

Section 3

A majority of the active members of the club shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.




There shall be the following standing committees: 1) Programs, 2) Membership, 3) Telephone, 4) Ways and Means, 5) Publicity.


The President shall appoint such committees and department as shall be necessary for the functioning of the club.


All Chairmen of Standing Committees, Departments, or other committees as appointed by the President shall submit 2 copies of a written report of the year's work at the annual business meeting in May, one to be filed with the club and the other to be places in the department or committee file.




The officers must deliver to their successor within one month after the expiration of their terms of office all money, vouchers, books, and papers of the club in their custody.


Parliamentary Authority:  The rules contained in Roberts's Rules of Order Revised shall govern the club in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these by-laws.



Section 1

A review of the by-laws may be undertaken at the discretion of the President and Board.

Section 2

The by-laws may be amended at any meeting by a two-thirds vote fo the active members present and voting, providing that the proposed amendment has been submitted in writing, and that it has been read at two previous regular meetings.  Amendments shall become effective upon passage.

Rostraver Woman's Club - Est. 1965