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Rostraver Woman's Club

2007-2008 Year in Review


The Forty-Third club year for the Rostraver Woman’s Club started with our meeting being held at the Patterson Residence.  The program was presented by Tanya Chaney, a certified myofascial trigger point therapist and owner of Chaney’s Natural Health & Wellness.  She presented the program “Is my pain myofascial?”.  Tanya spoke with the group about trigger points and myofascial therapy.  The group tried a few exercises for relieving tension in the neck and shoulder region.  Tanya also passed out samples for the members.


The October meeting was our annual guest night.  The program for our meeting was the fall cook-off.  Members brought their favorite dessert or appetizer for the contest.  Each dish was sampled and then voted upon by the members and guests.  Prizes were handed out for the best in each category.  Door prizes were also given out for the winners of the games that were played.  Alice Bialon spoke to the group about Halloween traditions in various countries.  The highlight of our meeting was the crowning of the 2007 Pumpkin Queen --- Alice Bialon.


The November program was “Mending Broken Hearts”.  This program focused on women’s heart health.  The presenters were medical professionals that work for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.  They discussed risk factors for heart attacks and tests were performed for those interested.  The tests included Cholesterol, Glucose, and C - reactive protein.


The December meeting was held at the Back Porch Restaurant in Speers.  The program was our annual Holiday Banquet.  Three new members were installed: Tanya Chaney, Liz Child, and Sheryl Nigro.


The program for our January meeting was our annual white elephant sale.  Members were asked to bring a small gift in to auction off to the group.  Holiday cookbooks were passed out to the group.


The program for the February meeting was craft sharing.  Members were asked to bring in a craft project that they were currently working on or projects that they have done in the past.  During this meeting members voted for entries for the Festival of the Arts.  All money collected went to “Pennies for the Arts”.


The program for our March meeting was from the Center in the Woods.  Rita Petrus, a registered nurse and director of adult day services, spoke to the group about the programs at both the Center in the Woods and the Acorn Adult Day Center.  She also spoke with the group about “Expanding Horizons”, the educational programs offered at the center.  All members were asked to bring a bingo prize to donate to the center.


The program for our April meeting was from the Penn State Master Gardener Program.  Shirley Neill, a master gardener, spoke to the group about what is required of a Penn State master gardener.  Shirley also provided the group with handouts with information about the program and about upcoming gardening events. 


May is our annual business meeting.  No programs are done this month.


The program for June is our annual banquet.  This year new officers will be installed.    


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